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Membership is open to all persons who are prepared to subscribe to the objectives of the Club and agree to comply with its Constitution, By-laws and Regulations.

Existing Members

Membership renewals are due from 1st January each year and must be paid by 31st January. Late payments for no valid reason may incur a $10 late fee. Membership will be regarded as lapsed if not renewed by the end of February and table money will be charged at visitors' rates.

New Members

Applicants must be nominated by an ordinary or life member. The appropriate nomination and membership fees are to be submitted with the application form which will be posted on the club notice board for a minimum of two weeks before being considered by the Management Committee. These fees vary according to the time in the Club's financial year when your membership starts, but will include a one-off nomination fee of $30.

South Perth Bridge Club is affiliated to the Bridge Association of Western Australia (BAWA) and the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF). New members must nominate the Club or another affiliated bridge club, to which they belong, to be their “Home Club” for ABF/BAWA purposes.

Payment details can be found here


The 2022 subscription is now due and payable during the months of December 2021 and January 2021.

Member Type Subscription Type Amount
Home Club members Club subscription $32.00
ABF/BAWA capitation fee $33.00
Total $65.00
Non Home Club members Club subscription $32.00
New members Nomination fee $30.00


This scheme is available to Club members only. It enables you to pay your table money in advance so that a) you are not looking for change on the day and b) there will be less bulky coinage to be taken to the bank.

The scheme is entirely optional. It has come about because a number of members asked for it and now many members are taking advantage of it. Tokens of the value of a standard member table fee (currently $7) can be purchased in batches of 10 ($70 a batch).

To take part, you have two options:

- Order tokens in batches of 10 by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The Club’s bank details are BSB 066124, Account No. 00920172. Your reference will be your name and “tokens”. The tokens will be ready to be collected from the Director in two or three days.
- Order tokens from a session Director (minimum of one batch of 10) can also be made with cash or EFTPOS.
When you sit down to play, simply put a token on the table and put a “T” alongside your name on the table slip. If you are playing at a supervised session, you can still use your token but add a dollar and put “T + 1” on the table slip.

Occasionally you may be playing in a competition at the Club where an entry fee is involved. You can still use your token but pay the balance in cash.

Please note that tokens may only be used for playing fees. They may not be used for book purchases or drinks from the bar.