Members and Visitors all welcome...

Session Times

MONDAY12:30pmNormal session
 9:15 am12:00 pm midday Supervised session
TUESDAY12:30pmNormal duplicate session plus intermediate section
 7:00 pm10:30 pmNormal duplicate session plus intermediate section
WEDNESDAY 12.30 pmNormal duplicate session
 7:30 pm10:00 pmSupervised session with instruction, usually has 10 minute talk from 7:05 pm
THURSDAY1.00 pm4.30 pmNormal duplicate session. Players may come without a partner.
 7.00 pmapprox 10.00 pmREAL BRIDGE online SESSION
 9.15 am12.00 pm middayShorter session for intermediate level players
FRIDAY12:30pmNormal duplicate session
SATURDAY 9.15am12.30 pmIntermediate session
 1:30 pmNormal duplicate session
 9:15 am11:45 amSupervised session, cancelled from 12 June 2022

Players, please be seated five minutes before starting time to enable the director to arrange the appropriate movement.
Visitors are always welcome!
Members may pre-pay table money. See the Members Page for details
Table fees: (Members. Visitors, Youth) normal sessions $7, $9, $4, Supervised sessions $8, $10, $4
Pre-dealt boards are used in all sessions, with hand records available afterwards.
Licenced Bar facilities available after normal sessions.